We take the view that equipment needs to be hosted in a suitable environment based on its power, cooling and physical characteristics, to that end we provide :-

  • Air cooled environments
  • Immersion dielectric liquid environments
  • Direct to Chip Precision cooling environments

And a hybrid of all of the above should it be required.

We provide a complete turnkey environment for a fixed fee based on power, all our other services are inclusive of that cost, simple.......


A major part of our hosting capability is to be able to provide extensive options surrounding connectivity, whether it be inter-site dark fibre, layer 2/3 ethernet, IP Transit and interconnects to over 300 local and global Tier 1 or Tier 2 carriers, we can provide it all.

We will work with your solution architects to ensure that you have resilient, fast and low latency connections at the bandwidth you require wherever you need them.


Here at Carbon-Z we recognise the fact that it can be difficult to understand how to transition a legacy hardware estate into a modern super efficient liquid cooled environment. We are able to offer a turnkey migration service that includes migration methodology definition, project management, planning and the associated technical professional services at the highest level around any project.

Our senior team has extensive experience in Data Centre migration, transition and transformation in multi million pound and international projects spanning 3 decades. Come and talk to us to see how we can help you drive down costs, improve your sustanability credentials adn develop a scalable and resilient platform infrastructure where you need it.


At Carbon-Z we strive to provide a full end to end service delivery to our clients, we engage with the best partners across many disciplines to ensure that we have covered all elements required to deliver our hosting services. Unlike may others, we do not charge for space or add charges for every single service we provide.

Our methodology is quite simple, provide a full service wrap based on power requirements, everything else is included. Network connectivity is charged on a use case requirements basis.

What makes Carbon-Z unique in the Data Centre Colocation Industry

We have defined a strategic roadmap to deploy a modular virtual data centre footprint across the UK and beyond. Each and every data centre deployment we undertake has been purposed to suit clients requirements and to meet sustainability and low power cost challenges.

Contact us to find out how we can help you and your organisation.

Market Sectors

Due to the way we design our data centre environments, we are able to host many different types of equipment for High Density Compute, GPU workloads, High Performance Compute and High Frequency low latency deployments across multi site architectures, hence we can service many market sectors including :-

  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Managed Service Providers
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • FinTech inc High Frequency Trading
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming
  • Life Sciences
  • Film Production
  • Simulation Modelling
  • Data Analytics